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Small Price, Big Victory: How We Helped a Consumer Win a Legal Battle Over a Rs. 500 Product

Bhavesh Kumar, a resident of Delhi, India, was excited to receive his new hair dryer that he had purchased online for Rs. 505/- from a popular ecommerce platform. However, his excitement turned into disappointment when he found a broken, torn, and used hair dryer in the box.

Bhavesh Ji immediately contacted the customer support team and raised a complaint. The team assured him that the product would be replaced. But, even after 8 days, there was no response from the ecommerce platform regarding the pickup or refund.

Feeling frustrated and helpless, Bhavesh Ji approached Vakil Tech for legal assistance. One of our experienced legal advisors in Delhi heard his entire case history and provided him with a solution. On the 25th of January 2023, Bhavesh Ji sent a legal notice to the ecommerce platform through our advocate, which cost him Rs. 1500/-.

Despite this, the ecommerce platform did not take the matter seriously and turned down Bhavesh Ji’s requests, stating abstract reasons. But, our lawyer did not back down and fought for Bhavesh Ji’s rights. Finally, on the 8th day of receiving the legal notice, the ecommerce giant responded with an apology and confirmed that the refund had been initiated.

However, our lawyer informed the ecommerce platform that Bhavesh Ji had suffered trauma due to their negligence and bad service, and had incurred legal costs. Therefore, he demanded a compensation of Rs. 25,000/- or else Bhavesh Ji would approach the consumer court.

After several rounds of discussions and email exchanges, the ecommerce giant agreed to compensate Bhavesh Ji with Rs. 12,000/- to avoid any legal hassle.

Thanks to the legal assistance provided by Vakil Tech, Bhavesh Ji was able to get justice for the trauma and loss that he had suffered due to the ecommerce platform’s negligence.

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