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Send a Legal Notice Through Vakil.TECH

Legal notice send India

Send a Legal Notice to anyone anywhere in India either under your name or through a professional lawyer. Our team of carefully curated experienced lawyers have been professionally trained to analyze and understand your case and then draft your notice as per your instructions and available remedy.

Who will send your Notice?

Practising Advocates from the Supreme Court of India, High Courts of their respective states will serve notice on your behalf under their letterhead and seal. 

What is a Legal Notice?

Legal notices are formal intimations issued by an aggrieved party to the opposite party that it is contemplating taking legal action against the opposite party for redressal of its grievances.

Legal notices are an important instrument and can be served to any person, whether an individual or a body corporate. Basically, it is a formal intimation that you intend to sue someone if certain remedial actions are not taken on their part.

Any time you are threatened with a lawsuit or need to start a lawsuit, it is advisable to serve a factual notice of your claims.

How to Send a Legal Notice?

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Our team of experts will read and understand your issue, draft a Legal notice in less than 48 hours and send you the legal notice draft for approval. Thereafter, taking into consideration the revision/changes (if required), our team will either send you the final draft so that you can personally send it or we will serve by post to the intended party and supply you with the evidence (postal ID).

How much does it cost to send a legal notice?

If you hire a lawyer offline, the legal notice charges can go as high as Rs. 3500 to Rs. 5000 along with consultation fee but at Vakil.TECH we charge a flat fee of Rs. 1000/- and provide free legal consultation from a licensed advocate. No strings attached.

Notice Complete

1500/- one time
  • Drafting of Notice
  • Unlimited revisions as per request
  • Free Legal Assistance
  • Live Chat/Email Support
  • Signed, Sealed, Delivered.
  • Lawyer in call availability


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Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone can send a legal notice but it is always advisable to serve the legal notice through a licensed attorney.

Please connect to our lawyers and share your case details. On analyzing your case they will let you know if you should send a legal notice.

Yes, you have all the rights to send a legal notice without a lawyer. But it will not carry any authority and hence may prove to be a futile exercise. We have kept our pricing at just Rs. 999 so that our clients do not have to think twice before claiming their legal rights.

Yes. We do reply to legal notices. Contact our live chat support for more information on this.

You can contact us and we will do all the work for you. We’ll learn about your case, analyse the details, suggest you the best remedy and if it requires sending a legal notice, we’ll help you draft the notice and serve it to the opposite party.

The notice is physically sent through Indiapost and the tracking ID is given to you. 

Drafting of a legal notice may include several intricacies that you or an inexperienced lawyer may not take into consideration. Our team of carefully curated experienced lawyers have been professionally trained to analyze and understand your case and then draft your notice as per your instructions and available remedy.

Free Legal Consultation

All our clients enjoy free legal consultation from licensed advocates who have experience in the field of law. We will connect you to our in-house legal consultant who will guide you and help you make informed decisions. You can ask as many questions you have and it is still free because we strictly have no strings attached policies. We’re a 100% transparent service provider.

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