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Get more done in less time with our collection of 3500+ legal draft templates. From contracts to agreements, we’ve got you covered. Customizable and written by experienced attorneys. Get your collection now!

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What are the contents of the Legal Draft Bundle?

This genuine legal draft bundle contains 3500+ Legal Drafts in topics such as:

1- Acknowledgement
2- Adoption
3- Affidavit
4- Agreement
5- Application
6- Appointment
7- Apprenticeship
8- Arbitration
9- Assignment
10- Banking
11- Bond
12- Civil Pleadings
13- Classification of Offences
14- Company
15- Composition Deed
16- Consumer protection Act
17- Conveyancing
18- Copyright
19- Criminal Pleadings
20- Easements
21- Exchange
22- Franchisee
23- Gift
24- Guarantee
25- Hindu Marriage Act, Divorce, Maintenance, Restitution of Conjugal Rights
26- Hire-Purchase
27- Income Tax
28- Indemnity
29- Information Technology
30- Infrastructure, development and financing
31- Labour
32- Lease Financing
33- Matrimonial
34- Medical Form
35- Memorandum of Understanding
36- Miscellaneous deeds
37- Mortgage, Pledge , Hypothecation and Security Document
38- Motor Vehicle Act
39- Negotiable Instrument
40- Notice
41- Partition
42- Partnership
43- Petition
44- Plaint and Written statement
45- Pleadings
46- Power of Attorney
47- Principle
48- Release
49- Rent
50- Sale
51- Special Leave Petition
52- Specific Relief Act
53- Trust, Wakf society
54- Vakalatnama
55- Will
56- Writ
57. Income Tax & GST
58. IPR Drafts(Copyright, Patent, Trademarks etc)

And Each of These Folders Contains Numerous Legal Drafts

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Attention all lawyers! Are you tired of spending hours drafting legal documents? Look no further. Introducing our collection of over 3500 legal draft templates, designed to save you time and streamline your legal practice. With our templates, you’ll have access to a wide variety of documents, including contracts, agreements, and legal forms, all customizable to fit the specific needs of your case. Say goodbye to the tedious task of document drafting and hello to more time for client meetings and case research. Our templates are written by experienced attorneys and are updated regularly to ensure compliance with current laws. Don’t waste any more time on document drafting, get our collection of 3500+ legal draft templates today!

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